Privacy Policy


Paulz städ AB AB (” Paulz städ AB “, ” we ” or ” us “) processes personal data about you as:
is a customer of ours or is a contact person or employee of a company that is a customer of ours, visits
and uses our website, our app and social media (digital channels), otherwise come into contact with us,
e.g. via our customer service, and participates in marketing activities organized by us (eg competitions
or customer surveys)
This privacy policy describes how we process your personal data and what rights you have in connection
with it.

A personal data is all information that can be linked directly, or indirectly together with other data, to a
living natural person. This means that widely differing tasks such as names and contact information, IP
addresses, purchase history and case information constitute personal information.
Processing of personal data is all measures taken with the personal data, e.g. collection, storage,
processing, use for various purposes, alteration, or destruction of personal data.
You who are a customer of Paulz städ AB
If you are an existing customer of Paulz städ AB (as a private person or contact person or employee of a
corporate customer), we process such personal data that is necessary to administer the customer
relationship or fulfill agreements with you or with your company. Personal data relating to relatives of
you as a private person, such as cohabitants and children, may also be processed in connection with
family services. Personal information may also be collected from and shared with partners if you choose
to sign a special agreement on benefits and offers from such partners.

Categories of tasks
(i) Contact details: name, social security number, telephone number and e-mail address
(ii) Accommodation details: address, port code, key and when accessing the home.
(iii) Order and order information and deduction information: purchase and transaction history and
payment information
(iv) Login information: e-mail address and password
(v) Demographic information: age, gender, marital status and education

(vi) Sensitive personal information: health information and information about children (when ordering
our childcare services).
(v) Invoicing information: invoicing instructions and information on invoices.
2. You who visit and use our digital channels
When you use our digital channels, we collect such information that you choose to provide to us, e.g.
your name, email address and mobile number. Personal information may also be collected by us
through the use of cookies. Paulz städ AB’s use of cookies is described in our cookie policy.

Categories of tasks
(i) Contact information: name, social security number, telephone number and e-mail address
(ii) Surfing habits and visit history: which pages you visited on our (and others’) website and for how long
(iii) Demographic information age, gender, marital status, address and education
(iv) Login details: e-mail address and password
(v) Profile and movement patterns: choices/purchases made, number of clicks, location details,
preferences, target group and profile
(vi) Technical details: technical equipment used, times, metadata, cookie ID and IP address.

Categories of tasks
(i) Contact information: name, social security number, telephone number and e-mail address
(ii) Case information: customer number, complaints, requests, information about your accommodation,
order and order information, RUT deduction information, purchase and transaction history, payment
information and other information you leave in your contact with us. (i) Communicate with you and
administer your case by contacting our customer service, email forms and social media accounts;
(ii) Analyze conversations and chats in order to improve our communication and for your and our safety;
(iii) Establish deidentified statistics on how Paulz städ AB’s communication functions are used;
(iv) Maintain, develop, test and improve Paulz städ AB’s services and the technical platforms on which
they are provided.
3. You who participate in marketing activities
When you participate in marketing activities, e.g. competitions, customer surveys, seminars, events and
other marketing activities organized by us, we process personal data that you provide to us.

Categories of tasks
(i) Contact details: name, social security number, telephone number and e-mail address.
(ii) Marketing activities: information about your participation in the activity, opinions, preferences and
other information that you provide in connection with the activity.
Your personal data will be processed by us only as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes of the
processing and as long as it is required to meet legal requirements. We have routines in place to delete
data accordingly. See examples of such thinning times below.
Customers’ personal data is processed for as long as the agreement with
you runs and 24 months thereafter.
Personal information that we receive from partners is stored for as long as you use the offer and up to
12 months thereafter.
Information on RUT deductions is stored as long as there is a risk that the Swedish Tax Agency’s decision
on RUT deductions may be revoked or changed.
Information on RUT deductions is stored as long as there is a risk that the Swedish Tax Agency’s decision
on RUT deductions may be revoked or changed.
Personal data that must be stored in accordance with the Accounting Act is stored for 7 years, calculated
from the end of the calendar year in which the financial year to which the information belonged was
Information about storage times for cookies is stated in our cookie policy.

Paulz städ AB safeguards a high level of security for your personal data and for this purpose takes
appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from
unauthorized access, alteration, dissemination or destruction.

Paulz städ AB may engage external partners and suppliers to perform tasks on behalf of Paulz städ AB,
e.g. to provide IT services or assist with marketing, analytics or statistics. The performance of these
services may mean that Paulz städ AB’s partners, both within the EU / EEA and outside the EU / EEA,
gain access to your personal data.
In the event that you choose to enter into a special agreement on benefits and offers from Paulz städ
AB’s partners, your personal information will be shared with such partners.

Companies that handle personal data on behalf of Paulz städ AB may always sign an agreement with
Paulz städ AB so that we can ensure a high level of protection for your personal data also with our
partners. In relation to partners outside the EU / EEA, special protection measures are taken, such as to
sign agreements that include the standardized model data transfer clauses adopted by the European
Commission and available on the European Commission’s website.
Paulz städ AB may also disclose personal information to third parties, such as the police or other
authority, if it concerns the investigation of a crime or if we are otherwise obliged to disclose such
information on the basis of law or an official decision.

You have certain rights in relation to Paulz städ AB. If you wish to assert any of these rights, please
contact us at the contact details in point 8 below:
 Right of access (register extract) – a right to receive confirmation of and information about your
personal data processing.
 Right to rectification – a right to have incorrect information corrected.
 Right to object – a right to object to our treatment if it takes place on the basis of a balance of
interests or for direct marketing.
 Right to delete – a right to have data deleted. This right is limited to such information which by
law may only be processed with your consent if you withdraw the consent and oppose the
 Right to limited processing – a right to demand that the processing of personal data be
restricted, for example if you oppose the accuracy of data. While the accuracy is being
investigated, Paulz städ AB’s access to the information is limited.
 Right to data portability – a right to demand that personal data be transferred from one data
controller to another. This right is limited to the information that you have provided to us.